All Of The Lights – Kanye West

Music has been the most essential technic in my life. Posted above is a sample of the type of music I listen to on a daily basis. Although music nowadays is a product of technology, it still draws its inspiration from the human mind. Even though I am not a musician (I used to be one when I was younger), I often express myself through music by selecting songs that match my mood. It allows me to be in touch with my inner self, interact with my subconscious, and ultimately be at peace with myself. In other words, music allows me to break free from reality. It turns my attention away from all the stress that comes with being a typical college student and allows me to focus on myself. To me, music is more than just a means of entertainment – It fills an emotional void. Oftentimes, I have found myself turning to my iPod or my iTunes for a quick “therapy” session. Music gives me emotional strength when I need it the most because it is something I can always relate to. The feeling of being immersed in sound can be lonesome but satisfying. I always feel a certain degree of detachment from my surrounding environment when I turn on my iPod, but this particular escape from reality gives me time for some reflection. My mood usually varies according to the songs that are played. Despite the fact that I have the option of changing songs at any time, I never do because I have this tendency to allow music to dictate my state of mind and because I like the feeling of being spontaneously absorbed in melodies.

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